Nukus, Uzbekistan

  • Djanbas Kala Yurt Camp
    Addres: Djanbas Kala Fortress
    Single -
    Double(Twin) -
    Breakfast - Included
    Djanbas Kala Yurt camp is located on a hill close to the ancient fortress Djanbas Kala.
    Djanbas Kala Fortress was built in the 4th century BC and 5 centuries later was destroyed under the pressure of nomads, who managed to break throughout defense. Today you can see well-preserved double walls of the Fortress, the height of which is around 8-10 meters. There is also the Temple of Fire and Sun, the inhabitants of which, professed Zoroastrianism - one of the oldest religions of the world. During two thousands years, the appearance of the Fortress was changed under the influence of water and wind: loopholes seriously eroded after the rainy season, and part of the walls is almost covered by sand.
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