Bukhara, Uzbekistan

  • Hotel Hovli Poyon
    Addres: 13 Xodja Gulrez, Bukhara
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    In the middle of the 19th century a young bek (nobleman) whose name was Urganchi built a big house, so they thought, for his family. After completing the building a celebration was held. The Bukhara Emir, who also attended the unveiling, had expressed his admiration for the creative architecture and the complexity of the ganch decoration and woodwork. In response Urganchi did not hesitate swiftly to tell that he from the very outset had a plan to bestow the house to the Emir. The Emir Ahad-khan was pleased with these words. He took his caftan, armor and jewelry off and put it on Urganchi's shoulders. Since then the building Hovli Poyon was considered as one of Emir's town residences along with Ark (Old Citadel).

    The legendary house which once belonged to Kushbegi (military chief) Urganchi, one of influential persons of old Bukhara, is located in the depth of the narrow twisty streets of old Bukhara near to Khodja Gaukushan ensemble and Goziyon Madrasah. Now it is private hotel.

    The massive gate is the visiting card of Hovli Poyon opens the entrance into the shady corridor, which leads through large courtyard with ayvan (a porch with colonnade) to guest room (mehmonhona) and hotel rooms. Though building is old; hotel is well equipped with modern conveniences.
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