Bukhara, Uzbekistan

  • Hotel New Moon
    Addres: 8, Eshoni Pir Str., Bukhara
    Single -
    Double(Twin) -
    Breakfast - Included
    Hotel "New moon" - a small, cozy hotel located in the heart of the ancient part of Bukhara, built in the style of ancient Bukhara.

    Elegant wooden columns with carved oriental ornaments, wall murals in the style of the ancient masters, oriental rugs - everything breathes antiquity and Eastern legends.

    Nice and tidy rooms, good service, friendly and hospitable hosts - what more could a traveler. "New moon" - one of the few hotels in Bukhara, where you can provide the full range of services at reasonable prices.

    We invite you to experience the life and culture of the traditional Bukhara. Enjoy all sorts of goodies from the national oriental dishes, sit on ayvan a cup of sweet tea and listen to the legends and stories of the ancient city of Bukhara, get acquainted with the traditions and experience the true hospitality of Uzbek people.

    Rooms: The hotel "New moon" offers its guests comfortable rooms, decorated in Oriental style, which will satisfy the demands of every visitor.

    Bright, decorated in soft, soothing tones, the room look soft and comfortable bed made of solid wood furniture. Here you will feel at home in the comfort and warmth.
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