Khiva, Uzbekistan

  • Mirzaboshi B&B
    Addres: 1, Pahlavan Mahmud street
    Single -
    Double(Twin) -
    Breakfast - Included
    A two-storey hotel "Mirzaboshi" is inside the fortress Ichan Kala, allowing its guests to reach all the monuments of Khiva foot. The hotel is decorated in a traditional style. In the design of the yard and the room has been widely used tree. The rooms are decorated with handmade rugs, fabrics with national patterns. The hotel "Mirzaboshi" is a small courtyard. The hotel serves cuisine. Each room is equipped with air conditioning. Some rooms have a view of the street. Each room has a shower room. Mirzaboshi hotel is a good choice for those looking for low cost options and cheaper stay in Khiva.
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