Khiva, Uzbekistan

  • Meros B&B
    Addres: 57, A. Boltaev street, Khiva
    Single -
    Double(Twin) -
    Breakfast - Included
    Meros B&B is located inside the walls of ancient Khiva, not far from the western gate. Meros means 'cultural heritage' in English, and the Matkarimov family is steeped in Uzbek culture. Their great-great grandfather was a master artisan ('usto' in Uzbek) engaged by the Khivan Khans. Sadulla Matkarimov, father of the owner, worked for more than 20 years on the restoration of Khiva during Soviet times.
    Quranbay Matkarimov, the owner, is a master of pattern design and restoration. He has worked on restoration projects in the World Heritage centres of Bukhara and Shaxrisabzand. He was chief restorer of the decorated ceilings of Khiva.
    All 7 rooms of the guest house have private bathrooms. Some include verandahs. The view from the rooftop is spectacular and private dinners can be served there.
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