Samarkand , Uzbekistan

  • Hotel Legends of Samarkand
    Addres: 48/62 Mirzo Ulugbek street
    Single -
    Double(Twin) -
    Breakfast - Included
    The hotel is located in an old national house built 170 years ago. This is the center of the old town, the area where Buharian Jews resided from of old. The building itself has been included in the list of Golden Architectural Heritages of Samarkand. The house was constructed by traditional style using exclusively ecological materials: clay, haulm, reed, wood and baked brick. Due to these materials even in hot summer days the rooms stay fresh and chilly. And in a cold weather they are warm.
    The house facilities are constructed around the big courtyard with a 540 sq.m. area. Two ayvans (terraces) jut out into the courtyard, in the middle there towers a secular mulberry tree, in the shadow of which it is a genuine pleasure to rest in a hot midday. In the courtyard You may sit on chorpoya (wide wooden bed-like facility for people to sit on) and admire the antique objects of everyday life, interior, clothes, decorating the walls. Rooms of the hotel, designed by oriental style, are decorated with woolen carpets, susans (traditional silk embroidery, wall-cover), curtains of adras (traditional cloth).
    The architecture of the building, courtyard facilities arrangement and design of rooms allows You to feel the atmosphere of traditional house. This is a well-considered decision, enabling one to break away from some “comforts” of civilization (TV and phone) in the room, however to keep using all these necessary conveniences.
    In the hotel there are two restaurants: one is in the Big Room (former sitting room), another is in the terrace, on the courtyard. The guests of the hotel can order various dishes cooked by traditional recipes.
    The hotel is located far from the noisy and polluted streets of the town, in a quiet area, ten minuets walking from the Registan square, or Bibi-Hanum mosque and Siab bazaar.
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